What is an Image Consultant?
An Image Consultant is a style coach. I take a holistic approach and methodology for your transformation. I help people with their ABCs: appearance (fashion), behavior (etiquette and protocol), and communication style (verbal and nonverbal). I am a style coach because I educate my clients on the magic I am doing. I aim to empower and enlighten you so you can always look and feel your best!

How is an Image Consultant different from a personal shopper?
A personal shopper usually focuses on the shopping activity. I am in the business of transformation. There’s a reason why I refer to myself as the Fairy Godmother of Style. My methodology is part science and part magic. Part science because at FIT I learned about proven techniques to successfully execute my craft and part magic because of my trained and experienced eye. With my expertise, you will get the complete package whether you are shopping for an event or signing up for a complete transformation.

Why is Image important?
When you look good, you feel good. Experts have done consistent studies which have proven that feeling good can improve your confidence and performance! This phenomenon called “Enclothed Cognition” was first recorded at Northwestern University in 2012.
Making a first impression takes as little as 7 seconds, so are you projecting a good one? Is your image congruent with your personal and professional goals? Let me help you curate your personal image and then execute the transformation.
“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” Henry David Thoreau

Why should I sign up for Image Consulting services?
Knowledge is power! Navigate the shopping world like an expert by knowing your personalized colors, fashion style, and fit. Save time and money and avoid frustration and confusion! Shopping can be fun, so let me guide you to the secrets and joys of shopping!

Who can sign up for Image Consulting?
Anyone and everyone can sign up for Image Consulting! Looking good and feeling good are not exclusive to only the rich and famous! I am certified in Men’s and Women’s Image Consulting. I apply specifically designed methodology for everyone based on their unique colors, fashion style, and fit. Styling Insider is proud to be an inclusive company that embraces equity and diversity.

How long is the process?
Personalized Image Consulting services start at 90 minutes, and a total transformation package can take days and up to a month or more to complete. No matter what kind of services you sign up for with Styling Insider, once you are a client, you are always a client. Fulfilling experiences and ongoing relationships are the hallmarks of Styling Insider.

Ready to start?
The 30 min discovery call is always free! We are all unique, and I can always modify and customize the services to fit your needs and budget, but I won’t know how we can collaborate until you book your free session!