Image Consulting For Men

Ever feel like you are stuck in a rut and looking for help in all the wrong places? Reading magazines and looking online for one size fits all tips will not work because we all have unique body shapes, best colors, and fashion styles.

Are you pursuing a new job, changing your career path, aspiring to a promotion, planning a date night, or have you experienced a change in your weight or marital status? Take the guesswork out and avoid what could be a costly, time-consuming, and frustrating mistake!

My personalized Image Consulting methodology will take you beyond the advice you may have experienced from the store-trained salesperson or your stylish friend who may not know how to dress different body types and styles.

My methodology is part science and part magic. I apply the proven techniques of the craft I learned through FIT and multiple certification courses, and my experienced eye adds the magic!

Design an image that is congruent to your personal and professional goals. Get the roadmap to approach these life changes strategically and methodically so that you can execute your goals successfully.


Color Analysis

The power of color? How about the power of you? Understand the power and psychology of color to unleash your personal power! Comprehensive draping process using the 4-season color analysis system. Get your personalized color swatch. Learn to save time and money, and know that you can always effortlessly look your best
$199 for 1 hour

Style and Shape Consultation

If there are so many great clothes and beautiful selections, why don’t they always fit? We are not all built the same. Identify and capitalize on your best physical assets. Put your best foot forward and always be purposefully ready for the occasion. Learn what fabrics, patterns, and accessories look best for your body scale and create your signature style.
$199 for 1 hour

Closet Organization and Shop Your Closet

A closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? Most people only wear a fraction of what is in their closet. I will help you curate, edit, and create an organized closet. Learn how to shop your closet and pair what you already have with new finds. Discover the importance of cost per wear and how to apply it to secure long-term investments. Recommend that you have a color, style, and shape consult before the closet makeover.
$360 for 3 hours

Ready, Set, Shop

A boutique, personalized shopping experience catered to your individual needs. Shop with your very own Fairy Godmother of Style! This personal shopping experience usually follows a closet edit but can also expand to include other needs. Are you shopping for a formal for a black-tie event or vacation wardrobe? In town and need an outfit for a dinner or concert? Or my favorite, just because you want, and can treat yourself!
Learn how to shop efficiently with me. We will find the stores and brands which cater to your unique body shape and original style. I will create a capsule wardrobe for you that will complement what you already have. I will teach you why I pick specific fabrics and how to recognize quality workmanship.
Whatever you imagine, we can create! Recommend that you have a color, style, and shape consult before shopping.
$600 for 4 hours

Image Consulting Package

A combination of our top services – a color, style, and shape consultation, along with a closet edit. Receive a personalized client portfolio that will be the roadmap and a strategic plan on how to start expressing and living your best life!
Duration and rate: custom

Fairy Godmother of Style’s Complete Transformation Package

Image consulting package + 3 hours of personal shopping

Duration and rate: custom 

Business and Social Etiquette Consulting

Leaders and executives often find themselves in social situations where certain behaviors are expected and even demanded. Those who understand the subtleties of etiquette set themselves apart on a path to success. My training will give you the knowledge and skills to effortlessly project confidence and sophistication. Become skilled and comfortable to navigate all social settings. Understand the etiquette for formal dining and business luncheons. Master the art of networking, happy hour (!), easy conversation and online etiquette. This is not your grandma’s etiquette workshop! This is etiquette made fun and easy. Modern etiquette for today’s world and technology. Available in 1:1 or group coaching.
Duration and rate: custom

Professional Workshop 101

Learn the basics of professional wardrobe and business etiquette. What to wear, how to interview and the etiquette needed to make you comfortable and even stand out in a business social setting. Find out the difference between business professional and business casual wardrobe. Understand the etiquette for business dining. Become skilled at meeting and greeting clients and colleagues. What to wear and how to interact made fun and easy for today’s rapidly changing world. Available for corporate or 1:1 training.
Duration and rate: custom

Ready to start?

The 30 min discovery call is always free! We are all unique, and I can always modify and customize the services to fit your needs and budget, but I won’t know how we can collaborate until you book your free session!


“What a great experience working with Lila on my color analysis. She is friendly and knowledgeable and explained the process and purpose of the analysis…. I now feel much more confident about selecting clothes and accessories that look best on me!”

“My body had changed a lot in the past couple years. I was a little nervous to be vulnerable. Lila was great and we went through my wardrobe for the closet edit with no judgment. We talked about fit and colors that work best for me. She helped me create outfits from the items I would be keeping, we even added jewelry to some to go from “day to night”. Next came shopping and I was on a serious budget. While shopping, Lila would reference clothes in my closet for new items which we would add. I felt great knowing I stayed within my budget. The whole experience was wonderful. It gave me confidence, a better wardrobe, and new tools to help me moving forward. I would highly recommend Lila and the different packages that she offers. If you are moving into a different season of life, changing up your look for a new job, or ready to reinvent your style Lila is the one you want as your guide.”