A wonderful experience, Lila did everything!

I met Lila while I was on vacation in Vegas. I wanted to expand and diversify my wardrobe but I’m really not good at shopping, especially where I’m less knowledgeable about brands and clothing sizes. Every time I try to shop alone, I get frustrated ending up with clothes that don’t fit me well or I simply give up. I knew that I needed help! Thankfully, I found Lila’s website.

In an online process (via email and Zoom conversation) that started while I was still in Israel, Lila helped me to characterize my needs and got to know my taste and character. We started our day with body and color analysis, Lila showed me the colors and styles that suit me best while she explained and demonstrated, thus giving me tools to handle shopping by myself.

After the enlightening morning we went shopping.

We started with undergarments and shoes so that we could measure the clothes optimally. Next, we moved on to clothes. Lila did everything! All I had to do was try on the clothes she brought me while explaining to me which cuts suit me best, how to combine outfits, how to identify high quality fabrics and all the necessary information I need to buy cloth by myself. All this with endless patience and kindness.

I ended the day with a new wardrobe, while staying within budget, and most importantly I really enjoyed the process and learned a lot. I feel much more confident to try and shop alone next time.

I wear my new clothes to work every day and I keep getting compliments from colleagues and friends. I highly recommend Lila’s services to anyone who wishes to give themselves a true gift and turn shopping from frustration to a wonderful experience!”

Rachel: Tel Aviv, Israel